Bone-soupPrice: 450 Ft
 Meat-soupPrice: 650 Ft
 Hungarian mushroom soupPrice: 600 Ft
 Hungarian kettle goulashPrice: 950 Ft
 Bean soup with smoked knuckle of hamPrice: 1.050 Ft
 Fish-soup cooked from carpPrice: 1.200 Ft
 Cold fruit soup made with creamPrice: 800 Ft
 Broccoli roasted in tubePrice: 1.200 Ft
 Fried button-mushrooms stuffed with dill curdPrice: 1.200 Ft
Fish dishes
 Fried trout from Szilvásvárad 

Ár: 55 Ft / dkg 5500 Ft / Kg

 Hekk fried in breadcrumbs or grilled Hekk 

Ár: 35 Ft / dkg 3500 Ft / Kg

 Carp steaks fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.350 Ft
Dishes on the Menu
 Stewed knuckle of hamPrice: 1.250 Ft
 Hungarian pork stew (pork stew with paprika)Price: 1.100 Ft
 Tripe stewPrice: 1.250 Ft
 Stewed buff made with red winePrice: 1.400 Ft
Hungarian dishes
 Knuckle of ham á la Pékné (fried potatoes with onions)Price: 2.150 Ft

(hagymás sült burgonya)

 Knuckle course with abundant trimmings for two people Price: 4.350 Ft

(bacon, onions, mushrooms, fried potatoes)

 Pork chop Bakony style dumplings Price: 1.950 Ft

(ragout with mushroom and sour cream)

 Pork chop with letchoPrice: 1.750 Ft

(pepper and tomato stew) with steamed rice

 Home-made „disznótoros” Price: 1.950 Ft

(fried sausage made of chitterlings, fried sausage, grilled park chop)

 Brassói” aprópecsenye (pork roast Brassó style) with fried potatoesPrice: 1.750 Ft
 Pork chop Magyaróvár style, mixed trimmings Price: 2.050 Ft

(ham, mushrooms, cheese)

 Mixed grill platter with fried potatoes and salad Price: 2.150 Ft

(grilled medallions of fillet, breast of turkey, pork chop, wiener-wurst)

Dishes from the Pan
 „Butykos” course for 2 people Price: 2.650 Ft

(grilled pork chop, breast of chicken, leg of chicken fried in breadcrumb, button mushrooms)

 Breast of turkey Kiev style Price: 1.350 Ft

(stuffed with cheese, butter and nutmeg)

 Breast of chicken with cheese and mushroomsPrice: 1.350 Ft
 Leg of chicken fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.050 Ft
 Breast of Chicken Parisian stylePrice: 1.150 Ft
 Roston vagy rántott libamájPrice: 2.650 Ft
 Chicken-liver fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.050 Ft
 Breast of turkey stuffed with cheesePrice: 1.450 Ft
 „Dübarry” breast of turkey cutlets Price: 1.550 Ft

(steamed cauliflower, Béchamel sauce, grated cheese)

 Breast of turkey with fruitsPrice: 1.350 Ft
 Pork chops fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.150 Ft
 ”Cigánypecsenye” (spit-roasted pork cutlets)Price: 1.250 Ft
 Favourite dish of the restauranteur Price: 1.350 Ft

(pork-meat fried in potato-mash made with garlic)

 Grilled pork chop with sauté mushroomsPrice: 1.350 Ft
 Pork chop stuffed with cheese, and hamPrice: 1.450 Ft
 Port-Salut cheese fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.150 Ft
 Camembert cheese fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 1.150 Ft
 Cauliflower fried in breadcrumbsPrice: 950 Ft
 Fried button-mushroomsPrice: 950 Ft
 Steak and onionsPrice: 1.950 Ft
 Rumpsteak”Mayor – domo “StylePrice: 1.750 Ft
 Rumpsteak with fried mushroomsPrice: 1.850 Ft
 French fries Price: 480 Ft
 spicy steak potatoesPrice: 500 Ft
 Potato croquette Price: 480 Ft
 VegetablesPrice: 550 Ft
 Potatoes with parsley Price: 450 Ft
 Rice with peasPrice: 450 Ft
 Steamed ricePrice: 400 Ft
 Small dumplingsPrice: 400 Ft
 Mixed salad Price: 650 Ft
 Tomato saladPrice: 550 Ft
 Cucumber saladPrice: 550 Ft
 ColeslawPrice: 400 Ft
 Pickled gherkinPrice: 400 Ft
 yellow pepper in vinegarPrice: 400 Ft
 Home-made mixed picklesPrice: 400 Ft
 Leavened cucumberPrice: 450 Ft
 „Somlói galuska” Price: 750 Ft

(sponge-cake filled with cream, flavoured with rum, with chocolate coating and whipped cream)

 Masked chestnut with whipped creamPrice: 700 Ft
 Fruit dessert with whipped creamPrice: 700 Ft
 curd pancakePrice: 700 Ft
 jam pancakePrice: 500 Ft
 cocoa pancakePrice: 500 Ft
 cinnamon pancakePrice: 500 Ft
 Pasta with soft cheese and cracklingsPrice: 950 Ft

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